Personal Collections
This is my collection of personal web sites.  I create a lot
of web sites and networks, especially about things and ideas that
interest me a lot.  Well, this is my night life -- learning by surfing a lot,
and creating sites that make sense in the super highway.

Philosophical Musings
Thinking a lot generates theories.  Modern world hungers for new
ideas and thoughts.  When the opportune time comes, the clearing is ready
... and Being reveals itself.

Political Involvements
Democracratic decision making is one of my pursuits in social
philosophy.  Thus, many of deliberative procedures are institutionalzed
to answer the post-modern society's hunger for political participation.

Buddies and Friends
Relationships are the nourishment for all my musings, collections and involvements.
They are my inspiration, my light and direction.  This is my way of saying "thank you"
for all the patience, love and support.


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