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Photography Class
Bong S. Eliab
First Semester
Humanities Division
School of Arts and Sciences
Ateneo de Davao University

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Syllabus: Photography Class (8 Sessions Only)

Instructor: Bong S. Eliab
Voice Mail: (82) 221-2411 local 8302
Office Hours: TBA. Website (contains all assignments, handouts, extensive photo links, many tips):
Text: National Geographic Photography Field Guide, by Peter K. Burian and Robert Caputo. More texts will be uploaded in the website.

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Materials: At least 2 rolls 24-exposure or 36-exposure ISO 100 35mm color film, preferably Kodak Elitechrome or any of the Fujichrome films and 4 rolls  24-exposure or 36-exposure of B/W Film. Students must supply and pay for own processing. Instructor will present a handout with suggestions for film and processing sources during the second week of class. Students must also supply SLR camera capable of manual adjustments. A flash unit, tripod and cable release are highly recommended.

Course Description: This course covers basic outdoor photography. Topics include shutter speeds, depth of field and other photography basics. Special attention is given to critical exposure and light balance necessary to top-quality color, BW and slide photography. Also included is composition, landscape, people and flower photography.

Grading: Students must complete 8 assignments, each worth 20 points (except for Assignment 9, which is worth 40 points). Assignments are given two sessions ahead of when they are due. In addition, there is a 20-point pre-lim quiz testing students on basics of f-stops and shutter speeds. The final written exam is worth 40 points. Up to 10 additional points are given for attendance (2 points for each class/lab attended. Two points are deducted for each late assignment.  Extra credit (up to 20 points) is possible at various special events, as noted below.

Grades are assigned as follows:

A = 92-100
B+ = 88-91
B = 84-87
C+ = 79-83
C = 76-78
D = 75
F = 70

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