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bongbims2.jpg (40475 bytes) To guide the guests with their gifts for the wedding, Bong & Bimbay have visited  different malls in Davao City to scout for items for the gift registry.  To avoid duplication with the existing items   (imagine, having a dozen of oven toasters or a dozen of silver in various colors) below is the inventory of items which they prefer.  The items are numbered and coded so that you can have the exact model and color.  By the way, the color combination of the items has been pre-determined to suit other materials in the house (like curtains, table cloth and flower vase).

If you have selected one of the items, please e-mail jse@addu.edu.ph or text 0919-7313723.  The item will be marked "Taken" from the registry as soon as you indicate your choice.

Gift Certificates are also available at SM, JS Gaisano and Gaisano Mall.  Just approach the Customer Service Counter.

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Updated as of Thursday, December 05, 2002 04:23:33 PM

Item Code/Model No. Brand Price
(in Phil Peso)
Refrigerator WW5139 White Westinghouse (White) 8,756.56 Taken
Vacuum Cleaner AHV348 American Heritage (Gold) 2,999.00 Taken
Gas Range G711 Black La Germania 1552.63 SM Appliance Ctr
Plastic Closet Sunny 869.75 SM Appliance Ctr
Microwave AHM982 American Heritage (White) 2,999.00 Taken
Osterizer Osterizer 241 Moulinex 241 1299.75 SM Appliance Ctr
Airpot IP400 4L Imarflex 2049.75 SM Appliance Ctr
ID303DD Imarflex 1379.75 SM Appliance Ctr
Rice Dispenser SHB50 Kyowa 949.75 SM Appliance Ctr
Turbo Broiler AHTB10 American Heritage 1499.75 Taken
Fry Pan 22cm Masflex 419.75 JS Gaisano Kitchen Wares
Electric Stove National (White) 1324.65 Taken
Stain Pot MCP 24 Matsuyama 384.50 JS Gaisano Kitchen Wares
Platter AC896 113.08 JS Gaisano Kitchen Wares
Nebulizer Omron 4,657 Watsons (SM)
Answering Machine ATT7620 Lucent 3,456.50 Taken
Iron ID0453 General Electric 1,243.00 Taken
Wooden Kitchen Utensils 9 pcs 459.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Wares
Towels Personal Size Canon Royal Family (Blue) 349.75 JS Gaisano Linens
Fruit Bowl Mixer 574.95 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Bed Sheets Size 88x92 Canadian 1306.50 JS Gaisano Linens
Wooden Condiment Set 234.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Water Dispenser Sale 499.00 Taken
Super Mincer KSF460 Green Color 299.00 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Grater Slicer K456-1 Yellow Color 239.00 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Super Mixer KSF 381 Any color 247.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Oven Toaster KSOT-602 Standard 689.95 Taken
Rice Cooker KTRC-14S Imarflex 1499.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Microwave Cookware KA141W 344.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Pitcher Push 'n Pour K306098 Rubbermaid 294.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Cocktail Bowl and Cups GA320027 Viscount 324.95 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Bowl Set 5 pcs Tiffani 89.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Bowl FR30001 Glas-Obstschale 124.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Bowls KATL2500 Dynamic Ensembls a bols 179.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Bowl Set 7 pcs Crystalite 194.75 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Coffee/Tea Set (16 pcs.) KX2602 Dolomite 459.00 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Wine Glasses K04647 Kalix 267.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Microwave Cookware KA58W 314.50 Gaisano Mall Kitchen Ware
Towels Canopy 326.50 Gaisano Mall Linen Sec Dept Store
Sandwich Toaster AESM-101 425.00 SM
Knife Set Stainless Steel (6 pcs) Ichiban 699.75 SM
Dish Rack (for plates and glasses) 439.75 SM
Stand Mirror Gray 695.00 SM


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